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Welcome to Tefakh al Tefakh in the Holy Land Ltd…
As you browse our website we hope that the content will add to your knowledge of the Bible, enhance your walk with the Lord and inspire you to get involved in the Shepherds’ Field project. You will discover that the fields of Boaz and Ruth, King David and Jesus Christ still exist in an almost pristine condition. You will learn that the opportunity to help redeem, protect and preserve this amazing site is available to you. While you read, watch and listen to the material presented here you will find that this precious property is in jeopardy of being lost forever, so ask yourself; If not I then who and if not now then when?.

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Tefakh al Tefakh in the Holy Land, Ltd. is a financial supporter of the work of “Moreshet Heritage Foundation, Israel”.  Sponsorship of a “Tefakh Certificate” will assist in the funding of the foundation’s efforts.  To learn more about Moreshet Heritage Foundation, Israel and its current projects please click the logo below...


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